Academic Club

Sponsor:  Bart Scroggins

Eisenhower Middle School has 6th, 7th, and 8th grade OAAC teams. We also have two OJABA teams made up of our tops scorers from the OAAC teams. The most widely accepted myth about Academic Team is that one must be a genius to be a contributing member of our team. This is not true. We assign each student a specialty area. If you are knowledgeable in only one area, you can still be successful on our team. 
Subject areas include: Math, Science, History, Geography, Literature, Art, Movies, English, Poetry, Mythology, Sports, Foreign language, Religions, Music, Social Studies.

All meet ending times are approximate. Equipment failure and other things beyond our control may cause the meet to end later than planned. Departure and Arrival times must be added to the meet time for any meets outside of Lawton. We usually leave 2-3 hours before the start time and return 2- 3 after the end time. We have the students call their parents as soon as we go through the turnpike toll booth closest to Lawton in order to give parents a 45 minute notice of arrival.