Certified Healthy

Please join us as we congratulate our Certified Healthy Schools. Being a Certified Healthy School involves ensuring our schools are recognizing healthy habits and going above and beyond to make health and wellness a priority for all. Certifications for the Healthy status in the program are awarded at the Basic, Merit, and Excellence levels and depend on the number of criteria fulfilled.

Based on the fulfillment of those criteria, we have had some of our schools meet the criteria to be considered truly excellent.

LPS’ Certified Healthy schools within the “Excellence” category are:

1.     Eisenhower High School

2.     Freedom Elementary School

3.     The Learning Tree Academy

4.     MacArthur High School

5.     MacArthur Middle School

6.     Sullivan Village Elementary School

LPS also had schools meet the criteria to become Certified in the “Merit” and “Basic” categories.

“Merit” category: Eisenhower Middle School
“Basic” category: Woodland Hills Elementary